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BlackBerry Tablet OS — Addressing Developers the Right Way

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

The BlackBerry PlayBook looks hot.  Naturally few have seen one but it does appear to really be coming. Plus, the low level integration of Adobe AIR is VERY attractive.  The device looks very high performance.   But more than all that, what’s interesting is RIM’s approach to attract developers.  (See my “heart choice” poster from days gone by.)

Namely, they’re practically GIVING AWAY PLAYBOOKS.  No, they ARE giving away PlayBooks!  They have a free offer.  Basically,  you register as a developer, develop an AIR app and get it “approved” prior to the PlayBook launch and you get a PlayBook.  It sounds very legit. As a developer it sure would be easier to develop with the device in hand–but still, it’s a nice offer.  Also, they have a simulator which I’ve heard works really well.  There are some workarounds if you’re on 64 bit (see this link and this link).  Ultimately, however and probably even more important than free stuff is the fact they have some great documentation and they’re offering webcasts to educate devs (see links below).   If the best new technology came out and there was no information to build on it, it would have a really difficult time taking off.

Here’s the links:

Finally, because I attended Adobe MAX 2010 I have devices coming out the wazoo.  I was packing and an Android was sticking out of my suitcase–I pushed it back in and ANOTHER one popped out the other end!  Seriously, it ultimately is not about the free stuff.  It’s about cool technology and opportunities.  I’m very bullish on Android and the PlayBook–however when you start to look at “revenue” opportunities I pretty much tune out.  I’ve got a few ideas for products… but my background has always been in services.  Even still, all this stuff looks really really cool… and offers MY CLIENTS lots of opportunities–even (or especially) if their plan is not to “make an app that makes a million” (as, personally, I don’t see that gold mine).

Finally, one huge thing that’s extra attractive about the PlayBook is that the AIR integration means there are more system level APIs (over Android)…. like native dialogs just to name one.  I haven’t fully ramped up yet–and honestly–if I just stopped what I was doing and followed every new cool thing that came out I’d be running around in circles.  Having said that, I’ll repeat: it looks hot and it looks like fun.

Adobe MAX 2010 follow-up links and resource downloads

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Here are various updates and downloads to which I referred during the Adobe MAX 2010 conference this week.  Soon, I plan to have another post where I review things and include funny stories about the life of a traveling Handbill Delivery Device Salesman.

@phillip Puzzle Page winner:
After about 5 months and 3000 puzzle pages delivered (see “Puzzle Page Printed”), I finally did the drawing and Ian Topping won!  Congratulations and incase anyone (justifiably) feels like they want proof–here’s a clip I filmed in public after the drawing:

(download) Thinking in ActionScript Slides:
I did an authorized conventional break-out session for Adobe Max on Monday October 25th at 5pm.  Good time to get some Zss–which of course I don’t take offense to (like I would if it were one of my regular students).   I got the ratings from the evaluations (just the numbers–not the written comments).  The average was above 4/5!  That’s the best I’ve gotten so far at a MAX (people are usually brutal with me–which, I respect… though honestly it’s mainly the written comments that I value most… and I haven’t seen yet).  In any event–thanks for turning them in!  I had 87 people actually fill out the evaluation which is great.  Alas, I’m still not rated a “Max Master” like R Blank (who was quick to send me his evals to prove he retains this rating).

Anyway… here are two links:
A pdf of all the slides
An interactive .swf (though, you may not know which things are interactive–which is why I made the .pdf too)

Novelty “Reserved” Placecards
These were a lot of fun though some people didn’t realize how much fun… I ran out of all of them (except “in search of Director users”).  The “Jaded CF Programmers ONLY” (sic on the oxymoron) went the fastest… “Rejected CF Programmers ONLY” when second fastest.  But, anyway, just print the link below and cut them out–use card stock for a more effective joke.  Requires no comedic training and can be a load of fun.

Download the pdf of Novelty Reserved Placecards

Finally, in case you didn’t catch my act… or you saw one of the more-bad ones… here’s a “less bad” one that I recorded:
Also available at the handy url:

ActionScript Hero interview of my at Flash and the City

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Includes hints for @phillip’s Puzzle Page:

@phillip’s Puzzle Page is printed!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

For well over a decade I’ve been producing printed handbills.  Starting with years of the all text, very dense, “The Phillip Newsletter”.  It would have hidden puzzles once in a while but it was very dry overall.  I produced a Wanted Poster a couple years ago as my first venture in graphic color printing.  That was followed by the old timey style true handbill.

Naturally, there’s a good chance you have one or more of these artifacts!

Anyway, that last handbill was never mailed or stacked for people to pick up, but always handed by me personally.  Well, nearly 100% of the 3000 I estimate I handed out.

My latest printed item is the @phillip’s Puzzle Page where you have a chance to win CS5 Master Collection.  (Because of past behaviors I now need to clarify that, in fact, this is a real contest and you really can win your choice of CS5 for mac or windows…. totally legit.)

So, anyway, you can TRY to do the puzzle page from the soft version below.  I really have to be clear that I don’t believe it’s very easy to solve all the questions without having a properly printed version.  However, I will also say the puzzles aren’t terribly difficult and they are all very do-able.  They’re not arbitrary.  And, now that I’ve handed out about 300 I can safely say there’s nothing of significance that I’ve discovered that make these puzzles unclear or unfair. I’m not changing anything if I have to print more.

By the way, thanks to Influxis and for sponsoring my handbill!

>>>> Here’s a PDF if you missed the link above: @phillip’s Puzzle Page

…and, a printing sample:

@phillip's puzzle page print sample

@phillip's puzzle page print sample

VIP Ticket Winners of #whymax contest (updated daily for 10 days)

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Having awarded the free admission ticket for my contest  now I begin awarding one VIP seating “voucher” meaning you get a reserved seat up close at the Adobe MAX keynotes!  For non-geeks this may seem uninteresting–but based on past MAXs this is really nice.

Reminder: Adobe employees may enter this  contest .  Also consider the fact that in past MAXs such employees were relegated to a closed-circuit feed (and I was once stopped because my badge was misprinted as an Adobe employee).

Anyway, I’ll add one new one every day until all 10 are awarded:

Final update: 10th place mesh2325 (  )

29 September 9th place radleymarx ( )

28 September: 8th place  wadearnoldt8 ( )

25 September: 7th place brimelow ( )

24 September:
6th  abdulqabiz ( )

23 September:
5th  airdeck ( )
4th  flashbum ( )

21 September:
3rd place:  WeAreAjar  ( )

Tied for 1st and 2nd:


#whymax Video Contest Winner!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Congratulations to Scott Ysebert @endoplasmic for his winning entry:
I always hate it when I hear a judge say how hard it was to judge–but it’s true.  I’m still very surprised how few entries I received–just realize, all those who did enter put in effort ranging from WAY MORE to WAY WAY MORE than those who didn’t even bother.  Compared to many contests, this one had one of the best ratios of investment to payoff.Keep in mind that for the next 10 days (starting tomorrow) I’ll pick another winner from those currently posted to award a VIP seat (for attendees to sit very close at the keynotes).  (Believe me when I say this is more valuable than most non-MAX-goers understand.)

I carefully stuck to my original criteria–you can see the results of the top 5 finalists here:

contest results

Next time I might add some categories, like “funniest” or “most views”, “most ratings”, most twitter votes, or just my personal favorite.   In any event, I hope everyone had fun and will consider entering a for the VIP tickets.

Free Ticket Finalists

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

For the contest, today I get to decide who wins the free pass!  Then, every new day I’ll award one VIP seat.  This means, if you don’t win today, you can still enter a new video up until I’m done giving out VIP seats (about 10 days from now).  (See contest details including the fact the VIP seat can only be used if you’re already in the conference.)

Anyway, I’ve narrowed down the finalists to my favorite 5.  Note, these are not my videos. And, note they are in reverse chronological order:






mr. Monk and the Dead Drop

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Amazing how fast something as seemingly innocuous as Lee Brimelow’s “Dead Drop” can get so out of hand:

Naturally, this video is not an entry into the #whymax contest.

Make a Video, Win a free pass to Adobe MAX!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

This is awesome… in addition to making a few videos of my own, I get to manage and judge a contest where you can win a FREE conference pass to the Adobe MAX 2009 conference (~$1300).  Plus the grand prize winner gets preferred seating at the keynotes.  In addition, 10 runners-up will be selected to receive just the preferred seating (they have to get their own pass to the conference).  The preferred seating is more valuable than it might seem–I know several Adobe employees who are going to try to win this contest for just those seats!

Anyway, here are the official rules (subject to change if I made a glowing error… though I had this stuff checked out by several people… and it’s official):


Make a video that answers the question “is Adobe MAX for developers or designers?” or somehow relates to the upcoming Adobe MAX conference.


There will be 11 winners! 

There will be one grand prize winner.  They get one free full conference pass to Adobe MAX 2009 plus preferred seating at the keynotes.  If you’ve already registered for the conference, Adobe will refund the base price (that is, exactly what you paid for the conference–not any extras such as pre-conference sessions or hotel) .

There will be 10 runners-up.  They will receive preferred seating at the keynotes.  Runners-up must already be attending MAX to take advantage of the preferred seating–that is, you must have your own conference pass. (See for conference details.) 

Winners will be announced on as well as  If you’re following me on twitter I’ll attempt to also make send a direct message. The grand-prize winner will have 5 days to reply.  If no reply is received I will attempt to award the grand prize to one of the runners-up. 


To qualify for the grand prize (the conference pass) your video must be posted no later than September 15th 2009 at midnight Pacific time (GMT -7:00).    The runners up (preferred keynote seating) will be awarded on the days that follow the 15th until all are awarded–approximately one per day.  This means, you can still post videos after the 15th and have a chance to win the preferred keynote seating (until all the runners-up prizes have been awarded).


All videos are subjectively judged by Phillip Kerman from LLC using the criteria listed below.


Void where prohibited by law.  Adobe employees may participate but can only win a runners-up prize (preferred keynote seating).  The main requirement is that you post a video (no longer than 200 seconds) on and that you tag it with: #whymax.  Also, please post an update to with a link and include the same tag “#whymax”.  Ideally, you also follow me on twitter ( to make it easier for me to contact you if you win.

Judging Criteria:

30% Originality and sincerity.  Try to exploit your own personal voice.  You’re welcome to leverage familiar themes, but try to be original as possible.

30% Message quality.  Your video should make a point and as clearly and effectively as possible.

15% Clarity and conciseness. Respect your audience’s time and invest the work necessary to make your message concise. Also, strongly consider editing your video. Note, videos longer than 200 seconds will be disqualified unless they’re so captivating I can’t not watch them.

15% Technical: Audio and video quality and technical ability with tools.

10% Accuracy and timeliness. Try to make something contemporary to what’s hot now.

Humor is not required, but I’ll probably be more impressed if you use humor effectively.  In addition, entries may be disqualified out of hand if they contain blatantly offensive or objectionable content such as racism or pornography.  Also, all entries should relate to MAX, Adobe, and developers and designers who use Adobe products.  Sincere and honest criticisms of Adobe products are acceptable but not required.  Overly patronizing and blatant brown nosing is also not required.


Feel free to contact me via with questions or comment below.  Also, check out my videos at