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Featured in Flasher Magazine

Friday, January 30th, 2009

I’m honored that Lee Brimelow included an interview of me in his latest issue of Flasher Magazine. He’s only up to issue 2, but I think he’s really got something good there.  Check it out.  I start at 15:30 but the other features are worth watching.

Flasher Magazine Issue 2

a tweet too far?

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

I want to believe this story isn’t true, but it appears that this tweet (saying Memphis seems like a lame place) upset the guy’s client so much that he ended up getting fired.  Apparently some thought it lacked respect.  In my view it’s just dumb anyone would get “in trouble” for this… but even still, he should thank his boss for freeing him from working for such a lame company.

At worst, it just wasn’t polite.  But, at best, I think Memphis–even FedEx who must have reason to want to be there–should take this opportunity to help explain to this guy what’s so great about Memphis.  If he thinks it sucks–it’s probably for a reason.  Maybe he didn’t get a good view… maybe he’s wrong, maybe he’s right.  Plus, maybe he’ll still think it sucks–can’t he believe this? People should value criticism in almost every case.

New Years Resolutions 2009

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Here’s a quick list of what I resolve for 2009 and a success report on 2008 (here).  First the report of 2008′s resolutions:

#1 eat until I’m satisfied, not full.  That didn’t work so well, but when I modified it to “don’t eat after 8pm” I did better.  In fact, for the last few months I’ve avoided the late night snacks quite well.

#2 avoid annoying blogs… A+  I might have peaked just once or twice but I did pretty well.

#3 sit up straight–I don’t know if it’s this resolution or going to yoga, but this one is coming along quite well.  I’ve caught myself sitting very straight several times.

#4 April Fools didn’t go so well.

#5 be a better blogger… well, I basically just posted my videos.  Maybe I’ll compose something meaningful more often this year.

Okay, so for 2009–I don’t have a ton, but here:

#1 do a real stand-up performance.  I sort of do that in class and at conferences but I want a presentation for the sake of comedy–nothing else.  Seems like one of the hardest things in the world, so that’s a good challenge.

#2 brush my teeth early in the evening to make the late night snacks even easier to resist.

#3 go ice skating once a month, though this is really my kid’s resolution.

[UPDATE: I know I forgot, #4: don't get physically or mentally upset when software or hardware is doing a big fail.  I sometimes actually get sick when things start falling apart--but that's going to happen.]

I thought I had a few more, but I figured I had write this up before the year goes too far.