VIP Ticket Winners of #whymax contest (updated daily for 10 days)

Having awarded the free admission ticket for my contest  now I begin awarding one VIP seating “voucher” meaning you get a reserved seat up close at the Adobe MAX keynotes!  For non-geeks this may seem uninteresting–but based on past MAXs this is really nice.

Reminder: Adobe employees may enter this  contest .  Also consider the fact that in past MAXs such employees were relegated to a closed-circuit feed (and I was once stopped because my badge was misprinted as an Adobe employee).

Anyway, I’ll add one new one every day until all 10 are awarded:

Final update: 10th place mesh2325 (  )

29 September 9th place radleymarx ( )

28 September: 8th place  wadearnoldt8 ( )

25 September: 7th place brimelow ( )

24 September:
6th  abdulqabiz ( )

23 September:
5th  airdeck ( )
4th  flashbum ( )

21 September:
3rd place:  WeAreAjar  ( )

Tied for 1st and 2nd:


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