Flash Player 10.1

It’s a huge release… took something like 2 years to complete.  Has all this great stuff.  But, you’ll be damned if you want to find details on adobe.com.Feel free to comment with links to information about this release… think of it like a scavenger hunt.  I’m really at a loss as to what the thinking is in Adobe’s PR department–assuming such a department exists.

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  1. Antonio Says:

    Marco Casario has a great list of new features with a couple links out: http://casario.blogs.com/mmworld/2010/06/air-2-and-flash-player-101-released-a-lots-of-new-features-have-beend-added.html

    One of those links out: http://casario.blogs.com/mmworld/2010/06/air-2-and-flash-player-101-released-a-lots-of-new-features-have-beend-added.html

    AS3 Reference (still Beta) for Flash Player 10.1, AIR 2, Flash Lite 4: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/beta/reference/actionscript/3/package-detail.html

    10.1 Features and Enhancements (states as mobile):http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/features.html

    10.1 Mobile Optimizations: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/articles/optimization_features_fp101.html

  2. Matthew Fabb Says:

    From what I heard from Adobe employees at Toronto FlexCamp, Flash Player 10.1 for the desktop was supposed to have been released at the same time as the mobile version for Android. The desktop was pushed out ahead of schedule in response to a security flaw found in 10.0 but that had been fixed in 10.1.

    That said just because 10.1 came out early doesn’t mean the PR department couldn’t re-write their press release to promote that 10.1 is now out.

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks for the links Antonio.

    Mathew, I heard a similar story and, yes, the PR folks could probably been reached on the golf course and cranked something out. Who knows. It’s just super frustrating from my side of things to watch this virtual train wreck. I mean, I REALLY want 10.1 to be a home run and have waited a long time. Don’t fuck it up is the nicest way I know how to say it to Adobe.

  4. notboss Says:

    Adobe used to have a marketing department – some writers who sort of worked with their engineers and blogging/twittering/evangelists. But they seem to have become disoriented after two rounds of layoffs and Apple’s attack. Since then Adobe hasn’t been able to write anything very interesting.

    With the exception of Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s public statements have mostly been counter productive. Look at how the closing of the beta for the 64 bit linux player was handled.

    There’s a good story to be told about Flash and the Web, they just don’t know how to tell it. They don’t even have the resources to talk about 10.1′s new features in an attractive way. Adobe seems to be in rough shape.

  5. notboss Says:

    See also:

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