Newsletter puzzle found by Robert Reinhardt!

My newsletters have started to include a hidden puzzle. Last time there was a hidden message in the form of a “Mad Fold-in”. This time I’m not going to say what the puzzle is yet… but since so many people asked “what do you get if you find and or solve the puzzle?” I figure the best I can offer is public recognition. So, yeah, Robert Reinhardt figured it out. Here’s a link to the latest newsletter: here
I will give two hints here:

  • You have to read the newsletter to find the puzzle.
  • The puzzle is actually very easy to find… solving it is more difficult.

5 Responses to “Newsletter puzzle found by Robert Reinhardt!”

  1. Tony MacDonell Says:

    Is this the “real” Phillip Kerman blog, or is it another one of those “fake” ones?

  2. admin Says:

    The others aren’t “real” only because they are hosted elsewhere and contain only one post each.

  3. Scott Janousek Says:

    I got the clue from Volume 11, does it apply (directly) to Volume 12?

  4. admin Says:

    There aren’t any clues for vol. 12 in the vol. 11 edition. The clue is in the text. While reading you should notice something’s up–the location of the puzzle should be clear.

  5. Scott Janousek Says:

    Thanks for the–words above.

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