New Year Resolutions

If I put this off another day, I’ll risk breaking one of my 2-day old resolutions. Here are the resolutions I care to share publicly… in part because I figure if I put them here I’m more likely to keep them:

  1. Eat until I’m satisfied, not “full”. It’s not so much for weight control, but it seems like an easy thing to modify.
  2. Avoid blogs that bother me. I’ve taken out several blogs from my RSS reader and I already feel calmer. By the way, this isn’t to say I only read opinions with which I agree.
  3. Sit up straight. Not all the time, but I think a mild back muscle workout will be good in the long term.
  4. Write with proper punctuation! When did I turn into one of those people who start a sentence with a lowercase letter? Sometimes it really doesn’t matter, and I won’t think you’re lame if you do it… but sometimes it really gets in the way of communication. I think the clue that it had gotten out of hand was when a client of mine went through to correct some posts I had made to our project site. Ouch.
  5. Plan some good April Fool’s jokes. All I can say is last year sucked with it being on Sunday.
  6. Move from troll to blogger. I’m thinking I’ll get into a groove soon and find myself. At least I think that when I overcome the the inertia then I’ll be closer. There, with this post I feel better already.

4 Responses to “New Year Resolutions”

  1. Robert Reinhardt Says:

    Good resolutions! I’ll be on the look-out for #5, but I’m pretty gullible. RE: #1, does that mean saving your left overs?

  2. admin Says:

    In fact there’s something to be said for ALWAYS leaving a little bit of food on your plate: people won’t think you’re still hungry… you won’t force yourself to overeat… etc. Saving stuff? Yeah, sometimes–but I find that sometimes by saving the leftovers I end up ultimately wasting both the food and the wrapping material.

    Another related tip I heard: don’t eat anything after 8pm… (or whatever is a few hours before your bedtime).

  3. Drew Says:

    I heard this great thing on NPR…
    “Eat food, not a lot, mostly vegetables.”

    Don’t eat anything your great grandmother would not recognize as food.

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