CES Mania–Jigsaw Too Photo Edition

As part of my renewed activity on this blog and because I’m proud of my work programming this two-player jigsaw game… there’s a new release of the game where users can share photos to use as the jigsaw puzzle. Here’s a press release timed to CES:


The game is a new version of the free Jigsaw game (either two player while in Messenger: link; or one player on web: link). What’s cool (technically) in the “Photo Edition” of the game is that two players can share a photo from one of the player’s computer–but no image ever goes to a server! It’s all handled with Messenger’s P2P file sharing capabilities. If you’re familiar with Flash’s security model you should realize this was a huge hurdle.

If you want a tour, just IM me on MSN: sudoku9000@hotmail.com

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  1. Daz Says:

    First of thanks for a great game.

    I’m using jigsaw too to memorize certain visual imagery such as maps and tile distributions for various board games. However I note Jigsaw Too photo edition crops images to a certain ratio proportion. So for the best game experience what proportion should I crop to and what multiple should i resize to? Photoshop has much better resizing algorithms then Jigsaw Too I’m sure since it’s a dedicated image editor.

    Also a quick feedback point I note with larger graphic images you don’t resize before sharing the file. If Jigsaw Too isn’t going to take advantage of the bigger file size perhaps it should resize before sending. At least I didn’t notice any differences.


    Is there any plans to do a Jigsaw Too Video edition – a video puzzle edition of jigsaw?

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for all the feedback Daz.

    Jigsaw Too supports 4×6 or 6×4 or 1×1. The ideal pixel dimensions are 400×600 (or 600×400) or 400×400. However, the image quality should be just as good if your image is much larger–I use smoothing when resizing.

    We spent A LOT of time discussing and prototyping different options for the aspect ratios. Naturally, we couldn’t be unlimited–say, supporting super panoramic images. So, we just stuck with the proportions used in the original (not “photo edition”) version. I did have to add support for vertical images though that was easy.

    You should have noticed that when the image is too wide or tall to fit the 4×6 that you can control what parts get cropped. (In fact, we also discussed having a cropping tool like Photoshop but didn’t pursue that for several reasons including the fact it would have been very difficult to build and quite possibly not understood or appreciated by the majority of users.)

    Yes, the shared image is sent without any optimization. And then, on both sides it’s resized. So, yeah, it’s a waste of bandwidth I suppose. However, in order to resize the image first I would have had to write a file to disk… or have Flash send a bytes string (instead of let Messenger handle the file share which was already built). The original code was in ActionScript 2 which limited some of the options for sending a byte string. It turned out just using Messenger’s built in file share capability was relatively painless. There is an upperlimit too–say your image is over 10 MB I think you’ll see a message.

    Finally, regarding video–I know of no plans. I’ve seen some weak attempts at this in the past. And, in fact, when I started the first Jigsaw Too game I prototyped a video version–it had some performance issues. Maybe one day but I doubt it’ll be tomorrow.


  3. Fred Says:

    I’m really really sad that Photo Edition is no longer available on messenger…

    Do you know why it was removed? And is there somewhere else it can be played? Our lives seem pointless without this game.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks Fred–I’m trying to figure out what happened to that game.

  5. admin Says:

    I still haven’t figured out what was going on, but it does appear it’s available now:


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