a tweet too far?

I want to believe this story isn’t true, but it appears that this tweet (saying Memphis seems like a lame place) upset the guy’s client so much that he ended up getting fired.  Apparently some thought it lacked respect.  In my view it’s just dumb anyone would get “in trouble” for this… but even still, he should thank his boss for freeing him from working for such a lame company.

At worst, it just wasn’t polite.  But, at best, I think Memphis–even FedEx who must have reason to want to be there–should take this opportunity to help explain to this guy what’s so great about Memphis.  If he thinks it sucks–it’s probably for a reason.  Maybe he didn’t get a good view… maybe he’s wrong, maybe he’s right.  Plus, maybe he’ll still think it sucks–can’t he believe this? People should value criticism in almost every case.

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3 Responses to “a tweet too far?”

  1. polyGeek Says:

    Obviously ‘a sense of humor’ is not recession proof.

  2. Phillip Kerman Says:

    Yeah. I’m thinking of doing a test where I do that same tweet for various cities and see which ones respond positively vs. negatively.

  3. Claude Saunders Says:

    This is just survival of the fittest. FedEx has every right to fire a contractor that insults their pride. And contractor has every right to post ill-timed and ill-advised comments at his own peril. Just goes to show that one can’t really assume much in the way of privacy boundaries in these social networking domains (or Google apps, for that matter).

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