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New Years Resolutions 2009

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Here’s a quick list of what I resolve for 2009 and a success report on 2008 (here).  First the report of 2008′s resolutions:

#1 eat until I’m satisfied, not full.  That didn’t work so well, but when I modified it to “don’t eat after 8pm” I did better.  In fact, for the last few months I’ve avoided the late night snacks quite well.

#2 avoid annoying blogs… A+  I might have peaked just once or twice but I did pretty well.

#3 sit up straight–I don’t know if it’s this resolution or going to yoga, but this one is coming along quite well.  I’ve caught myself sitting very straight several times.

#4 April Fools didn’t go so well.

#5 be a better blogger… well, I basically just posted my videos.  Maybe I’ll compose something meaningful more often this year.

Okay, so for 2009–I don’t have a ton, but here:

#1 do a real stand-up performance.  I sort of do that in class and at conferences but I want a presentation for the sake of comedy–nothing else.  Seems like one of the hardest things in the world, so that’s a good challenge.

#2 brush my teeth early in the evening to make the late night snacks even easier to resist.

#3 go ice skating once a month, though this is really my kid’s resolution.

[UPDATE: I know I forgot, #4: don't get physically or mentally upset when software or hardware is doing a big fail.  I sometimes actually get sick when things start falling apart--but that's going to happen.]

I thought I had a few more, but I figured I had write this up before the year goes too far.