Back issues of "The Phillip Newsletter"
  • Jobs: More games, FMS, new book
  • Editorial: Living for a Living
  • Tips: formatting getter/setters, localization, no-dock panels, cs3 speed install
  • Reviews: AIR, Tortoise SVN, Chumby, Twitter
  • Hidden puzzle find-able in pdf version and print version!
  • Jobs: Sudoku Too, NBA, Jigsaw
  • Editorial: Skills for the future
  • Tips: hitTest (code sample) onResize (code sample)
  • Reviews: Tufte, Flex 2, AJAX
  • Special: hidden puzzle available in every printed copy!
  • Jobs: Museum projects, realtime graphs, Flash 8 books.
  • Editorial: Comments about Graham Clark's suicide.
  • Reviews: Tiny URL, Captionate 2, Flash 8, Adobe buys Macromedia
  • Five Flash 8 tips plus one that works in older versions.
  • Jobs: Skis, Museums, and Harmony.
  • Speaking: Geography trivia.
  • Tips for Flash and handling clients too.
  • Editorial: Hearing and the Cliff Note-ification of Music.
  • Reviews: Central 1.5, FlashPaper 2, SqueezeBox
  • Jobs: New book titles, Macromedia document writing, Central Real Estate prototype.
  • Speaking: Recycling presentations in Portland, Omaha, San Francisco and New York.
  • Editorial: the "digital archive" oxymoron.
  • Reviews: MX2004, FlashPaper, Central, Camtasia Studio 2 & SnagIt7
  • Tips for learning Central, using Flash MX 2004, and keeping FCS clients connected.
  • Jobs: FlashCom cow auction
  • Speaking: All the things I didn't speak about in New Orleans, San Francisco, Stuttgart, Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, and Orlando Florida.
  • Editorial: The end of blogs
  • Reviews: All the MXs, Squeeze 3, Camtasia Studio, Zoomifier, DRKs
  • Quick Tips for Director MX and Flash MX
  • First game ever in a Phillip Newsletter!
Late 2001
  • Jobs: Book ratings, brush with fame
  • Speaking: Flashkit (L.A.), Macromedia UCON (New York), Online Flash Film Festival (Barcelona)
  • Editorial: Pet Peeves
  • Reviews: Flash Certification, QuickTime 5, Authorware 6, Toon boom 1.0, Swift 3D 2.0
  • Quick Tips for Director 8.5 and Flash 5
  • Extra large 18½ x 14 format
Early 2001
  • Jobs: Two Flash books and lots of Flash training
  • Speaking: Flash Forward 2000 (New York), Thunderlizard (Seattle, Denver)
  • Editorial: Usability's comeback
  • Reviews: Dreamweaver 4, Authorware 5.2, Fireworks 4, Live Stage Professional
  • Quick Tips for Authorware 5.2 and Flash 5
  • Classic 8½ x 11 format
Summer 2000
  • Jobs: Flash training in Europe, Flash book in the making
  • Speaking: Flash Forward 2000, EuroTaac
  • Editorial: The Flash Movement: Flash's influence on art and popular culture.
  • Reviews: Director 8, Flash X, Authorware X, QuickTime X, Live Motion
  • Quick Tips for Director 8 and Flash 4
  • New: Warning regarding possible speculation in newsletter
Winter 01999-02000
  • Jobs: m-three, Birkenstock, HP, Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Speaking: Flash 4 (MIDG), Taac 1999
  • Editoral: Hard thoughts on software (why you should own the software you use).
  • Hot words that have no meaning
  • Reviews: Director X, V12, DirectFTP, ScreenTime, Fireworks 3, Dreamweaver 3
  • Tips: Under utilized Director features, Authorware Case statement work around, Flash 4 programming
  • New: Y10K compliant
Summer 1999
  • Jobs: SideEffects, Reebok, classes at schools, Authorware book
  • Speaking: Macromedia UCON '99 (JavaScript/Flash), Internet Professionals Northwest (browserless web)
  • Reviews: Flash 4, PrintOMatic
  • Special UCON report: Authorware, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Director, Flash
  • Premonition: JavaScript will become the default language of Macromedia authoring tools.
  • Tips: dot-syntax in Director 7, Flash interface features
  • New: Glow in the dark paper used for the first time (even works on computer screens)
Winter '98 - '99
  • Jobs: Beastie Boys CD player, Oklahoma, KVO, CKS, KATU, Intel
  • Editorial: The Credit You Deserve
  • Reviews: Director 7, Authorware 5, CDPRO, MUI Maker
  • Special Interest Group listing
  • Proofing scripts
  • New: Relaxed green paper used
Summer '98
  • Jobs: Training in Iceland, Wieden & Kennedy, Ozymandius, ABC Technologies, Whitehorse Studios
  • Speaking: NewMedia '98 in Toronto
  • Features: Story of Iceland, Toronto, Macromedia User Group Summit, Toastmasters International
  • Reviews: Generator, Flash 3, Director 6.5, Debabelizer 3 (Mac), DropRename, FileTyper
  • Tips: Xtras for Authorware, Cursors for Director
  • New: Larger format introduced
Winter '97 - '98
  • Jobs: Elvis & Bonaparte, Young & Roehr, Tektronix, Health Department, ADP, Intel
  • Speaking: Macromedia User Conference Asia
  • Reviews: Dreamweaver X, Flash X, Buddy API, PhotoCaster, AlphaMania
  • Tips: Self-referencing in Authorware, Director 6 interface touches
  • New: Color coding TPN established
Summer '97
  • Charter issue!
  • Jobs: Garth's KidsStuff, Creative Multimedia, the voice of Homer Simpson
  • Reviews: Authorware 4, Director 6, Debabelizer Pro
  • Localization
  • Tips: Registration for Director and Authorware

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